Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kyle Gass murders Val Kilmer!

Just watched the video about the reunion of Tenacious D and their subsequent return.
Jack Black looses sight of what was important, and then the band makes the best album ever.

That's not an opinion; that's a fact.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

[Habits of] A Good Blogger

A good blogger:
  • Writes a lot. Your writing will get better the more you write.
  • Is concise. People read your blog for a reason.. don't go on and on without direction.
  • Posts short posts. Peoples' attentions tend to wander if you write too much.
  • Will use bullet lists so people can scan for what they want.
  • Doesn't live in a bubble. Get out into the world and share it.
  • Keeps learning so they don't get left behind from changing technology.
  • Is focused.. pick the topic and stick to it.

IT Haiku (quoted from Reddit)

Clueless user wants,
the Office Paperclip back,
What is wrong with you?
Your server froze up,
kiss your documents goodbye,
next time run backup.
System infection,
Russian FakeAlert virus,
stop downloading porn.
Don't complain to me,
your system is ten years old,
I can't fix cheapness.
Client wants update,
Tech did not fill out ticket,
Need a crystal ball.
Internet is slow,
Somebody running torrent,
Fess up you bastard.
Tell you to restart,
You power cycle the screen,
Palm strikes face so hard.
To use Linux comp,
Requires savvy user,
They do not exist.
Want to go home soon,
Whoops, server just went fubar,
Another late night.
New linux install
Graphics driver, no bueno
You check back next year
Linux, Mac, Windows,
All well designed OSes,
End users, not really.
12 gigs to upload,
Comcast upstream is horseshit,
Moving to Japan.
Help desk is evil,
Those from outside cannot know,
Madness lies within.
Six AM, phone rings,
I can fake being awake,
Cannot fake happy.
Building a server,
Every part arrives on time,
Unless it's crucial.
Phone won't stop ringing,
Tickets like a waterfall,
Smash router, silence.
Call up MS tech,
Seven hours on the phone,
Ear is falling off.

Paraphrasing what IT deals with every day.

Pulled from Reddit:
Imagine if you were a mechanic who owned an auto shop and your average customer call went something like this:
Customer: My car isn't working and I need you to fix it immediately, this is an emergency
Mechanic: Alright sir what seems to be the problem?
Customer: I don't know, I tried to use my car on friday and it didn't work, now it's monday and I need to get to work and I can't and this needs to be fixed right now.
Mechanic: Can you start the car? Can you even get into your car? Does it make any sounds when you try to start it? Are all 4 tires there?
Customer: I don't know, I don't know what any of that stuff means, I tried to get to work and it wouldn't let me and you need to fix it now because you changed my oil 6 months ago.
Mechanic: Alright well what kind of car are you driving?
Customer: I don't know, a green one, why does that matter?
Mechanic: Please take a look at the back of your car and see if there are any letters or numbers that would indicate a vehicle model or manufacturer
Customer: Ok, my car is a SV2 87K.
Mechanic: No sir that's your license plate. My records indicate that you drive a Nissan Altima, can you confirm that the key you're using to try and get into this car says Nissan on it?
Customer: My key says Lexus but I don't see how that makes a difference, I've been using this key on this car for years and it's always worked, what did you do to my car?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Reading List

Does anyone know how to remove an old blog from the blogspot reading list?

I can't find a way to remove an old friend's blog I'm 'subscribed' to...

[UPDATE] Found it! Had to switch blogspot over to the 'Classic View' mode, and then the 'Manage' button was usable.
Now maybe I can stop being reminded of that portion of my life every time I see the blog updates...

Cops Would Be Liable Arresting Citizens For Recording Under Approved Conn. Bill | Pixiq

Cops Would Be Liable Arresting Citizens For Recording Under Approved Conn. Bill | Pixiq:

Good good good.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Avoiding Repossession Tips

First of all, of you owe the bill, then pay the bill. I do NOT advocate stealing from anyone who loans you money.. they helped you when you asked. You need to repay your debts.
If you need help in delaying some payments, actually call your credit place and ask them for help.. they would rather collect money from you rather than wasting time and money in court and other legal fees.

However, if you truly need to avoid your vehicle being repossessed until you can pay it off, here are a few tips I've read and heard about:
  • Don't apply for any new credit. This one should be a DUH.
  • Contact the credit company from a random payphone elsewhere in your city.
  • Avoid getting any parking or traffic tickets. This should be done always and anyways, lol.
  • Don't fill out a change of address form from the post office when you move; contact any people that you want to have your new address directly.
  • Keep the vehicle in your garage or a good friend's garage.
  • Don't answer the door (use the peephole) or answer the phone from any unknown numbers.
  • And finally, don't believe anything a debt collector tells you. Verify everything yourself.

This is not legal advice and I will never take any responsibility for something someone else does. :)

How to program a Samsung AK59-00104K remote control

How to program a Samsung AK59-00104K remote with codes:
  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Point the remote at the TV.
  3. Hold the "TV POWER" button while entering a two digit code.
  4. Release the "TV POWER" button.
If you enter the correct two numbers, the TV should switch off.

TIP: Start entering the remote codes at 00, then 01, then 02, then 03, etc...
TIP: Once you find the correct code, write it down somewhere you can find it next year!

Also, going through batteries too often? Here's how to Recharge your AA batteries!

Elin Lanto

Elin Lanto.. wow!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three useless things.

Here are three known useless things in this world:

  1. Nuns' nipples.
  2. Bishops' balls.
  3. An employer's praise without a raise.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dealing With People Who Cut In Line - Just Tap The Glass

Dealing With People Who Cut The Line - Just Tap The Glass:

Good post. Back in elementary school when a kid would try to cut in line, everyone behind them got on their case until they gave in to the good kind of peer pressure.

It really is unfair to the line as a whole. I mean really: you're not a pregnant lady (where the standing could be painful), you're not a person with a doctor's appointment in 2 minutes.. there really is no reason to cut in line.

Speak up, people. Teach your kids this: Be nice; be firm.



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

College president defends pepper spray against 'unlawful' crowd -

College president defends pepper spray against 'unlawful' crowd -

Um... why were there police there in the first place?

Would the people 'in power' please understand that if you're pissing off the 'rabble' then you're doing something wrong.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Blizzard releases World of Warcraft Server code!

"Blizzard releases World of Warcraft Server code!"

Due to the popularity of the game, Blizzard has decided to release the source code to their servers in COBOL. The open-source community rejoiced at the news, but has vowed to translate the code into LISP.

Happy April Fools.