Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Level 4 Cataclysm Hunter Pawn Scale

Here is the basic pawn scale I'm starting off with for my level 4 night elf hunter.

( Pawn: v1: "Basic Hunter": RangedDps=1, CritRating=1, Agility=1, HasteRating=1, MasteryRating=1, IsMail=-1000000, IsPlate=-1000000, IsGun=1, ExpertiseRating=1, MeleeDps=1, IsBow=1, IsCrossbow=1, Dps=1, Strength=1, ParryRating=1, DodgeRating=1, HitRating=1, Stamina=1, Armor=1, IsShield=-1000000, Ap=1 )

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

World of Warcraft: Persistent Battleground

Here is my basic proposal for a new battleground system for World of Warcraft. I believe these changes are possible with the current systems mostly/already built into WoW. This should allow 24 hour combat along with player rewards in gear and achievements. I believe the effort and gold put into offensive or defensive measures by the factions will balance the game. With low effort on both sides, a battle could rage on for months. With massive effort and little resistance, it could be over in hours.
By the way Blizzard, I would really like a job and credit for these ideas!
Email me at Protiguous at Protiguous dot Info
  • Factions
    • Each faction can consist of Alliance, Horde, or a mixture of both.
    • Communication is faction only. All other communication channels are disabled. (vent spies anyone?)
    • Faction is determined by player's current reputations. This should effectively make the two factions separate into horde-only and alliance-only factions, but whoever raises (or lowers) a certain reputation *would* be able to compete with the other faction.
  • Players
    • Players can be of any level, race, or class. (No restrictions)
    • Players can freely enter or leave the battleground by foot, mount, hearth, or mage portal at any time.
    • Players can form groups. (100 man group anyone?)
    • PVP flag is on at all times in this battleground. (Always!)
    • Players can come from other servers (as battle groups do now).
    • Killing another faction's player gives honor points (as normal battlegrounds do now)
    • Leaving the battleground for 15 minutes resets the player's battle-rank.
    • Mounted (flying or ground) players can only take X% of their maximum health before being dismounted.
    • More time spent alive healing, killing, mining, or constructing (and not afk!) in battleground increases battle-rank.
  • Groups
    • Groups can merge if the group guide accepts an invite.
  • NPCs
    • Vendors
      • Moderate amounts of HP.
      • Stay inside buildings.
    • Heroes
      • Massive amounts of HP.
      • Orders can only be changed (to defend, scout, or attack) by a player of same or higher level as the hero.
      • Hero will have attacks and spells appropriate to its most [peon] collected resource. (meaning if a peon collects stone the most often, it'll have 'stone' spells)
      • Scout mode: wanders off in the general direction of the enemy factions Castle.
      • Attack mode: attack any enemies seen.
    • Peons (aka: peasants)
      • Any player can hire a peon with their own gold from a hiring vendor.
      • Each peon starts off scouting for any resources.
      • Each peon starts off as a level 1.
      • Every X times a resource is turned in to a collection building, the peon gains a level. (more HP, more damage reduction, faster running)
      • When a peon reaches max level, it becomes a Hero and stops collecting.
      • Each peon stays in battleground until it dies or the battleground resets.
      • Can be directed to repair/build a building, collect a resource, or scout.
      • Killing another faction's peon gives minor honor points.
      • Player must talk to a peon (while neither are in combat) to change its orders.
      • Player must be of the same or higher battle-rank to change orders.
      • Peons walking to or from a resource will run fast into the nearest faction building if it sees an enemy player.
      • Scouting peons that sight an enemy run away fast towards last seen faction player or building yelling for help. (this gives interesting options: find and kill enemy players or take a chance of being killed by those players!)
      • Collecting peons that are attacked run away fast and then hide (vanish/stealth) as soon no enemy is LoS. (meaning a rogue with rocket boots and sprint can most likely kill the peon)
      • Any hidden peon will return to scouting after a random delay.
      • Any scouting peon that find a resource will start collecting.
      • Any killed peon or player will drop any resources being carried and become available for anyone to loot. (do peons loot corpses they find?)
      • Peons are named after the person's guild who hired them. (guild combat vanity pets :P)
      • Scouting mode: peon walks around looking for resources or enemies.
  • Resources
    • The archeology profession and haste will increase the mining swing rate.
    • The miners strength and mining skill will determine the amount of ore mined per swing.
    • Ores will stack to the normal 20 pieces, as it does now.
    • Any resources used, bought, or collected in the battleground cannot be taken back to normal world.
    • Limited Resources
      • Battleground starts with a finite amount.
      • Higher iLvl provides more HP in construction of buildings.
      • More resource can be bought from (killable) faction vendors with player's gold. (These factions vendors will have unlimited quantities.)
      • Any bought resource adds directly to the faction's reserves. (or to the backpacks?)
      • Can be mined by players and peons.
      • Must be packed back to a collection building by players or peons.
      • Stone (dense, heavy, etc.. )
      • Metal (copper, tin, silver, etc.. )
      • Gems ()
    • Unlimited Resources
      • Always available. Constant but slow collecting.
      • Mana
      • Air
      • Electricity
      • Wood
        • Most basic construction material.
        • Cut from trees.
        • Combat destroys trees.
        • Trees to slowly grow back (randomly, nearby, not same spot).
        • Trees block line of sight.
  • Structures
    • Can house players.
    • Buildings absorb damage before players inside.
    • Bigger buildings can hold more players.
    • Rogues cannot stealth inside, as there are DOORS on these buildings.
    • Type of construction material determines damage reduction (wood-weak, stone-medium, metal-strong)
    • Have a base static amount of HP per the resource type (wood-weak, stone-medium, metal-strong) and any addons.
    • Area-wide buffs can give HP increases and defense increases.
    • Faction buildings can be razed by highest ranking faction member to regain 50% of solid construction resources.
    • Buildings destroyed by melee can be mined to regain X% of wood, X% of metal, and X% of stone construction resources.
    • Buildings destroyed by magic (fire/ice/shadow/holy) can be mined to regain X% of wood, X% of metal, and X% of stone construction resources. (X% should be less than melee-destroyed)
    • Melee attacking buildings damages weapons' durability with each hit. (melee will want to attack with slow but strong weapons!)
    • Casters attacking buildings consume twice the normal mana for the spell cast.
    • Buildings block line of sight. (can wow block overhead from non-LoS players? that would make team ambushes awesome!)
    • Destroying an enemy building gives minor honor points (divvied up among all current attackers by percent of damage done).
    • Castle
      • Hearthstones can be set to the Castle.
      • Allows other buildings to be built and resources to be collected.
      • Cannot use hearthstone if the castle is currently destroyed.
      • Starts off with 1 peon per resource type to collect resources.
      • Castles have some sort of automatic self-defense. Maybe one of each possible addon? (one enemy should not be able to destroy a full HP castle by themselves)
    • Arrow Towers
      • Automatically attacks enemies within range by arrows.
      • Consumes wood reserves per arrow fired.
      • Upgrades fire faster. (haste increase)
    • Magic Towers
      • Automatically attacks enemies within range by fire/ice/shadow bolts (auto rotation and tracking).
      • Consumes mana per bolt cast.
      • Upgrades fire faster. (haste increase)
    • Collectors
      • Allows resources to be collected by entering.
      • Automatically takes resources from peon or player's backpack.
      • A collector-building under attack (in combat) cannot not accept/collect any resource. (choke point)
      • A mana collector building provides faster mana regen to nearby casters. (consumes faction's mana reserves)
  • Building addons
    • Can be bought from faction vendors with player's gold.
    • All default to On if capable of being toggled.
    • Can be toggled on or off by highest ranking player inside building.
    • Gnome/Goblin Air Blasters
      • Automated.
      • Knocks back enemies.
      • Consumes faction's air reserves per knockback.
      • Can be constructed by gnome/goblin engineers by using faction's air and metal reserves.
    • Goblin/Gnome Shockers
      • Automated.
      • Damages enemy with chain lightening.
      • Consumes faction's electricity reserves per initial cast. (can we get an area-wide buff elemental shaman mastery style? maybe use the highest mastery of players inside building as the addon's mastery?)
      • Can be constructed by goblin/gnome engineers by using faction's electricity reserves.
    • Night Elf/Troll Mirrors
      • Passive. Reflects spells until broken my melee.  (low HP, a building version of a totem.)
      • Can be constructed by night elf/troll engineers by using faction's metal reserves.
    • Dwarf/Tauren Plating
      • Can be constructed by dwarf/tauren engineeers by consuming metal faction reserves.
    • Human/Undead something.. camouflage? holes in walls for ranged (hunters/casters)? any ideas?
  • Goal
    • Ultimate goal is to destroy the opposing faction's Castle. When this happens the entire zone is reset (to some starter resources and buildings) and unavailable for 15 minutes.
    • Decent honor points are awarded to winning faction, and none to the loosing faction.
    • Own more resources and buildings to gain area-wide buffs.
    • The faction with the most collected of a resource is given an area-wide buff (damage increase?)
    • The faction with the most buildings gains an area-wide buff (defense buff?)
    • Vendors are only available after Faction is currently 'winning' for X minutes and X number of Faction players are in the battleground.
  • Future Topic - Any Ideas?
    • Future Subtopic - Any Ideas?
I hope you like these ideas, I know I'd spend a lot time in a battleground like this.

Feel free to comment with constructive feedback!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Under a Spell

I'm under a spell :)

Level 82 Discipline Priest Cataclysm

Here's the pawn scale I'm starting level 82 off with for my World of Warcraft Cataclysm level 82 night elf discipline priest. (whew, mouthful!)

( Pawn: v1: "Discipline": IsOffHand=-1000000, IsFist=-1000000, Is2HMace=-1000000, CritRating=1.45, HasteRating=0.89, MasteryRating=2, IsPolearm=-1000000, Intellect=2.29, Spirit=1.755, Is2HAxe=-1000000, IsRelic=-1000000, IsShield=-1000000, IsSword=-1000000, IsMail=-1000000, IsLeather=-1000000, IsPlate=-1000000, HitRating=0.01, Stamina=0.256, SpellPower=0.9, IsAxe=-1000000, Is2HSword=-1000000, GemQualityLevel=81 )

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Level 74 Warcraft Cataclysm Beastmaster Hunter Pawn Scale

Here is the pawn scale I'm using on my level 74 beastmaster specced hunter for dps. The values at "0.0001" are for those (rare) melee encounters.

( Pawn: v1: "BeastMaster DPS": RangedDps=1, CritRating=0.05263, ParryRating=0.0001, Strength=0.0001, Agility=0.0702, ExpertiseRating=0.0001, HasteRating=0.09211, Dps=0.0001, IsCloth=-1000000, IsPlate=-1000000, IsLeather=0.0001, IsMail=0.001, DodgeRating=0.0001, Stamina=0.001, HitRating=0.1, Ap=0.071483 )

Saturday, February 5, 2011